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Restoration of early 20th century sideboard: my lovely client was keen to keep this family piece, and for it to have a rustic look about it.  The old stain and varnish was stripped off, a few repairs made and a lovely waxed finish.  Good for another 100 years!

Restoration of Victorian Mahogany dining table:  this beautiful table was a sorry state, covered in dark varnish, with burn damage on the top.  It actually fell to pieces as it was being unloaded!  This piece was stripped of old varnish and the damaged sections were replaced.  The base received a wax finish, and the top now has a very hardy Tung Oil finish, so it can take all sorts of knocks.

Transforming a hand made kitchen dresser: this pine dresser had been painted an interesting shade of mint green. I stripped the paint and refinished to a smooth white finish. Top of the base was stained to walnut and finally, classic black cast iron knobs and hooks.  



The little Queen Anne style sideboard below was covered in dark brown varnish (aren't they all!).  After removing the varnish and seeing how beautiful the wood was underneath, I decided to use watered down paint, so the grain would still show through.  I used three colours (gold, blue and green) layered one on top of the other, wiping carefully in between.  I then painted the strawberries on the top, inspired by a vintage design on one of my kitchen trays. Finally, the entire piece was wax to make durable.  A close up of the design is the heading for this page.

I didn't need to do much with this little free-standing unit below.  Top was a non descript pine which I stained to a walnut finish, and I painted the drawer handle from silver to black.

This credenza belongs to a dear friend.  It was initially covered in a dark varnish and she was thinking about giving it away.  She saw one I had recently finished and asked me to match her's to the style of her home.  After stripping off the old varnish, the credenza was prepped and sanded.  The top was treated with Tung oil to produce a strong finish (perfect for dropping keys onto), while the base was given a clean crisp white paint-over.
Below are a couple of simple re-upholstery projects.  The chair originally had a dark blue paint splattered cover and was painted with thick white paint.  I stripped a lot of the paint off, leaving a textured distressed finished.  I then re-upholstered the seat, and made a little bolster cushion.  
The ottoman was an op shop find, and was covered with blue faux suede which had definitely seen better days.  I had material left over, so made the cushion too!

This chair is definitely more of a restoration job.  I just loved the beautiful grain in the wood, so wanted to make that shine.  It took a while to remove all the old varnish, but it was worth it. Danish oil was then applied to bring out the gorgeous colour.

Bedroom suite:  Each of these bedroom pieces were 2nd hand purchases, all from four different stores (even the dressing table mirror didn't originally come with the dresser!).  The wardrobe had great bones, but was very dark and imposing.  To achieve this finish, I painted all in white, then rubbed a tinted varnish over the top, producing a Tuscan stucco effect.  Finally, flowers were hand painted along the edge of the freestanding mirror and dresser.

The little chest of drawers below was done for a little girl going through a Coraline/Charlotte's Web phase!.  

The sideboard below was about to be chucked out from my daughter's neighbour's shed!  It was covered in dirt and oil, which took a while to clean with wire wool.  But what a lovely natural knocked about patina it had!  A few waxes polishes and dada! 

This credenza initially looked just like the one above, it was covered in dark varnish (I must remember to take before shots!).  I used a diluted paint effect on this one, as again, there was a beautiful grain I wanted to still come through.

The little chair is called 'Little Bee'.  I had just read The Other Hand by Chris Cleave ...   This chair will shortly be up for sale, I just need to get a better photograph of it!

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