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Unique furniture

Re-finished & hand-painted

If you like any of the designs below, we are able to recreate / customise to customers' own furniture and taste!

"Right here, right now"

Tallboy built in 1940's (signature of maker on drawer).  This is a bit of a rough piece, so I wanted to keep it's utilitarian feel - hence the kitchen dish-cloth inspired stripes.  I've always loved Fat Boy Slim's quote and thought it worked so well on this.


Major "Margot" Melchett

Victorian mahogany stool with velvet worked upholstery.

Really, no nationalism intended here.  I just love the Union Jack design and thought it would work really well on this sturdy, yet elegant stool.

The Major likes to wear ladies underwear: originally covered in layers of pink satin and mint green velvet.  Stripping the dark varnish on the legs revealed gorgeous warm knotted mahogany and scroll-work, with knocks and scars telling their own war stories.  

Now glossy with waxed finish, a new velvet seat cover and daisy head studs.  The velvet work took forever!  Anyone tried conquering inset corners with velvet?!

If you are interested in purchasing Major "Margot" Melchett, I've set the price at $500, due to amount of time work took.


Bonjour Bonheur! - Hello Happiness!


These gorgeous rustic chairs have been painted blue/grey and feature a fleur de lis design and lettering in contrasting white.  Perfect for a French Provincial inspired garden setting.

$125 for the pair


Vintage Office Furniture

1920's banking cupbaord - lovingly restored. Drawer with three dividers and door below with two shelves. Original keys. 
Dimensions: 97cms high x 59cms wide x 39cms deep.



Regency Charm

Gorgeous Edwardian piano stool. Solid oak and super comfy (newly re-upholstered). Bit of a Viking vibe to it. Dimensions:  seat height 53cms, height to top of sides: 64cms, width 60cms, depth: 33cms.



Vintage kitchen cupboard / pantry

Dating from 1920-30's in original condition.  Features frosted glass and tin lined meat / bread safe.

Dimensions: Height 1.68m x width 92cms x depth 33cms.



Chequerboard table

I just couldn't resits this little table - such an unusual shape with the "arrow" legs.  As it was almost completely square, I decided to create a chequerboard effect (entirely hand-painted) so it could be used for games.  Very practical!



The Ladies in Waiting

So called as they have been waiting for me to finish them for a while now!

Blending French Provincial with Art Deco, these ladies actually date from the 1950's.  Craftsman quality with hand painted finish.

  Originally all brown, I thought new white dresses would give them a lift and also added dark ruby red crystal knobs to make them sparkle ; )

Price: $300 for the pair 


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